The Voicemaps Team

Voicemaps is a joint venture between a group of voice coaches, linguistics experts and technologists. Our goal is to create an easy-to-use tool that gives you a map to unlocking your authentic speaking voice.

  • Voice Coaches

    Our voice coaches have been working with the underlying technology for Voicemaps for over a decade. The original idea for the Voicemaps product comes from their fertile minds.

  • Speech Scientists

    The science of language underpins everything we do here at Voicemaps. Our linguistic experts ensure that your Voicemap analysis is based on firm experimental foundations.

  • Technologists

    The coaching and the linguistic expertise gets pushed into the real world by our excellent team of technologists who work to turn the Voicemaps concept into a personalised product.

  • Agents

    Voicemaps Agents are a network of trained and skilled coaches who help clients navigate their Voicemap journey to change and improve a client's voice and presentation skills.

The Coaches


Rick Salmon

Founder & Executive Coach

Rick is an experienced technology entrepreneur, executive coach and professional facilitator. He has worked with corporate clients including Europe Unlimited, IBM, BP, ESPN, Disney, Scali, Norconsult and Hydro. He was one of the founders of Scala Inc. ( and of BlueSky Software (renamed and acquired by Adobe). Additionally he designs and leads entrepreneur development programs for ESA (European Space Agency) and EBIN (European Business Incubator Network). Rick is an American who has lived in Norway for over 25 years.


Tim Farish

Board Member & Executive Coach

Tim began his career in advertising for London Weekend Television before moving into agencies and working with Saatchi&Saatchi & Bartle Bogle Hegarty. In 2001, Tim moved into executive coaching and organisational development and has worked with many leading global organisations both designing and delivering programmes. Before setting up Quickminds AS in 2012 he was a Director at GPB Consulting in London. Tim still works with several global organisations including BP, The Walt Disney Company, Random House (Bertelsmann) & ESPN. Tim now lives in Oslo with his Norwegian wife, Tale.

The Speech Scientists


Mauricio Figueroa Candia

PhD & Speech Scientist

Mauricio is a linguistic researcher specialised in experimental approaches for the study of the sound systems of world languages. He has significant experience in the use of state of the art equipment, software and statistical analyses towards the development of both applied and research outputs. He contributes programming skills and experience working with multidisciplinary teams in output-driven and goal-oriented projects. Figueroa has an excellent track record in public engagement and teaching, including an active role in the design of learning materials for non-specialists. He is also a member of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians and the Association for Laboratory Phonology and Candia PhD Candidate (2016): Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London.


José Joaquín Atria

PhD & Speech Scientist

José Joaquín is a graduate student specialised in linguistics and the study of sound systems for linguistics. He is a specialist in computer scripting languages as used for the analysis of audio. His programming skills include the following languages: C++, Java, Perl, JavaScript, Bash, HTML, CSS, Praat, Matlab/Octave, R, and LATEX. He has been a visiting Scholar at the University of Barcelona and at the UMASS Amherst, USA. He is a Lemaitre PhD Candidate (2015): Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London.

The Voicemaps Philosophy

We all communicate with the world using Words, Music and Dance. Our vision at Voicemaps is to provide tools that allow you to measure your own unique Words, Music and Dance using the best technology available in the world.


Words are the specific words and structures that we use, including things like metaphors and stories.


Music is how we use our voices to convey emotion and impact.


Dance is how we use our bodies to strengthen messages and communicate powerfully.

Voice Coaches

If you’re a professional executive or voice coach then it’s likely you already understand the amazing power of the human voice. How would like to enhance your intuition and toolset with the data driven metrics our Voicemaps can provide? Sound enticing? Then…