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Everyone is born with a beautiful voice. A natural, powerful instrument that is just waiting to be heard by the world around you. But the sad fact is that most people have no idea how to use or express it properly. Well, that’s all about to change. What if you could unleash the full power of your own, unique, authentic voice? Yup. Right here. Now. Imagine that?

But there’s something else. While we believe that your eyes may be the windows to your soul — we KNOW your voice holds the key to understanding your emotions.
Admit it. That’s interesting, right?

So, whether it’s in life, business, or even love, we here at Voicemaps have developed a tool that helps you understand and project the
real you — the better you — to the world.

Unleash Your Authentic Speaking Voice

Imagine if we could predict how audiences will respond to your voice qualities...
What if we could tell you how listeners will instantly judge your personality?

That sounds smart

Our technology will help you use your voice in the way it was meant to be used; natural, powerful and confident. Oh, and a bit smarter too. And that’s because our tool is designed to help you communicate with more impact and presence so that people are more receptive to you and your ideas. Because, let’s face it – who doesn’t want that?

So, how do we do it?

First we get you to record a 30 second sample of your speaking voice. On a subject you’re passionate about. Then…

We run a full spectral analysis of your voice characteristics to highlight the tone and quality of your individual voice. Then…

We compare your voice to some of the world’s most influential speakers to build an impression of how you sound to others. Then…

We give you some Jedi-style tips to help improve how you sound and how you connect with audiences. Then…

You have a Voicemap!

Your unique map to unleashing your authentic voice.

Connect with your Audience
We run your voice recording through our Voicemaps Analyser and Speakers database.

Characteristics Voicemap

Your personal Characteristics Voicemap is your guide to improving the tone and quality of your voice.

The high or low frequency which comprises the tone of your voice.


The speed or rate at which you speak.


The volume or loudness of your voice.


The ups and downs of pitch in your voice.


How clearly you pronounce each consonant, syllable or word.


The patterns of long and short syllables when you speak.


The slight irregularities or inconsistencies in your voice.


Those meaningless sounds or repeated words that occur when you speak.

For more detail about how our Characteristics Voicemaps work check our FAQ.

Impressions Voicemap

Your personal Impressions Voicemap is your guide to improving the perception of your voice with audiences.

The amount of drive, energy and positive attitude you demonstrate when speaking


The ability to positively engage others by sounding adept and agreeable. Some speakers are less pleasant to listen to than others. How pleasant did you find the speaker’s voice to be?


Sounding as though you have the necessary ability, knowledge or skill to do something successfully. Does your voice give the impression that you know what you are talking about? How believable are you when you speak? How well do people think you know your topic?


The ability to convince an audience that you are worthy of their trust. When you speak to people have a tendency to trust you? Did your voice help your audience connect to what you were saying?


Clarity is the ability to sound coherent, lucid and intelligible when you speak. Does your voice, including the speed at which you speak, make your communication clear to your audeince? Is it easy or hard for others to follow your discussion? How clear does your audience they think yo were in what they talked about?


The ability to engage others and lead them to a different point of view. How successful are you in persuading others to take and action or to change their viewpoint? How persuasive did you sound?

For more detail about how our Impressions Voicemaps work check our FAQ.

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